Legends of Chima Costumes

Legends of Chima Costumes

I am not really sure why I am constantly surprised by just how good LEGO’s animated TV shows are. Last year, my son and I really got into the Ninjago series and really enjoyed it. This year, while the creators are busy creating new Ninjago episodes, Legends of Chima was released.

My initial thoughts were that this show would not come anywhere close to being as good. After only a few episodes, however, I am quickly changing my mind. Unfortunately, their just aren’t that many Chima costumes currently available. The handful that have been, however, are pretty awesome.

My son has already convinced my to get him a few foam swords to have this season!

Legends of Chima CostumesLaval Sword Legends of Chima

With the help of Laval’s foam sword, the ultimate battle this Halloween is already a foregone conclusion!

This sword will help you secure your right to all the candy you can carry!

This officially licensed LEGO Legends of Chima costume accessory features a unique design that is accented nicely with a cool lion tribe symbol near the handle; there will certainly be no confusion when it comes to what tribe you support this Halloween!

While it is certainly true that this sword is completely safe for a moderate level of play, it is not intended for rough combat and will actually hurt if swung too violently!

Cragger Sword Legends of ChimaChima Halloween Costumes

As part of the croc tribe, your first line of defense is that of the Cragger sword.

Though the sword is made of soft foam, it is designed to put fear within those who are after your prize.

This Cragger sword dons an intense look.

The look begins with a half of croc head with red eyes and a jagged edged blade as if they are the teeth of the croc.

The handle offers a soft grip to ensure that it is handled properly.

Chima Halloween CostumeCragger Croc Tribe Sword and Shield

Though, Cragger’s ego is usually enough to scare off competition, with the end of the age of Peace, Cragger got creative on how he would protect what he wanted.

Along with his sword, he had to defend himself and immediately ensure he was able to protect himself from others.

He acquired a shield to ensure he was able to defend himself. His shield is made of soft, yet sturdy foam and adorns embellishments like the croc head to symbolize his belonging to the croc tribe.

His sword is made of the same foam materials and provides a scary jagged edge and croc head.

Laval Lion Tribe Sword and ShieldLEGO Costumes

While Laval’s competition grew, it became increasingly important to ensure his safety would not be jeopardized.

Along with his lion tribe sword, Laval uses a shield to protect himself against enemy weapons. Both the sword and shield are made of soft and durable foam for safety.

With the use of both of Laval’s crucial pieces, you are sure to obtain your prize and stay safe throughout your journey.

These pieces will provide hours of adventure and safe play for many children. I am absolutely certain that once the TV show begins as a regular series, my son and I will get to wager epic battles.

Since he loves to be the bad guys, I will get to use this fantastic Lion Tribe sword; and that is perfectly fine with me!

What Is the Legends of Chima

Be a part of the latest craze to hit the Cartoon Network air waves. The Legend of Chima from Lego is all about getting your hands on Chima crystals.

Defeat your enemy with the help of various weapons and shields to ensure that you are not put off track on your quest. Defend what is rightfully yours with the help of various accessories from the makers of The Legend of Chima.

Dress up this Halloween and fight for your right to candy, just as the Chima do in efforts to obtain their crystals. It’s a war out there on Halloween and your mission must be accomplished.

Team up with favorite animal group tribe and conquer the art of trick-or-treating.

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