Slenderman Costume


Slenderman Costume


Slenderman CostumeA sensational Slenderman costume just may be the epitome of what Halloween is all about. This fictional character is creepy, crazy, and oh so popular.

First made popular as an interesting internet meme, the Slender Man is traditionally pictured as a slim, somewhat tall man that has a blank and featureless face. More often than not, he also wears black suit which seems to add to his overall mysteriousness.

Make no mistake about it, however, this guy is not one of the good guys. Oh no, he is said to stalk, abduct, and even traumatize people by capturing them with his unnaturally long arms. If you are a fan of urban legends, traditional folklore, or the paranormal, the Slenderman costume may be just what you have been looking for this holiday season.

And since this character has received such an amazing amount of attention over the past few years, there are a number of outfits that look unbelievably realistic; everyone will know at an instant who you are dressed as.

My personal favorite is this outfit by Morphsuits.

Made from a perfect blend of polyester and spandex, this all in one lycra outfit conforms perfectly to the shape of your body. It is both flexible and comfortable. The material that it is made from allows you to easily breathe, see, and even drink; if you get thirsty enough. The only drawback to this look is that you have to hand wash it or it will shrink and look ridiculous.

You will also want to add your own pairs of shoes since it could be rather uncomfortable walking around download without them. I actually Slender Man Costumeprefer black shoes with this look as it blends in nicely with the night. Some people, however, may prefer to break up that color a bit and wear white sneakers.

Slender Man Costume

If the thought of wearing a costume made entirely of spandex is a bit much for you, the you may want to consider this awesome alternative.

Also made by Morphsuits, this incredible look features a black and white suit and a white, bodysuit see through mask. Over 1,000,000 people have liked this company on Facebook and really seem to rave about the quality of the products they make.

Most comments center around how the mixture of materials seems to make the costumes fit better and last longer.

Halloween is the Perfect Opportunity to Dress as The Slenderman

When it comes to finding the perfect look, there are three things I always look for

  1. Is there a great looking costume available that does not involve me actually making anything?
  2. Can I reuse any of my old clothes (an obvious example would be an old, unused business suit)?
  3. Can I buy the entire costume at a reasonable price?

While it is certainly true that there are a number of fantastic outfits that fit this description well, the Slenderman costume fits all of these requirements and may be the perfect look for you this Halloween!

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